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Jelena Cikoja

Hey guys, it’s Jelena. For all of you who don’t know: it’s pronounced Ye-len-nah. I’m originally from the gorgeous country Croatia but born in a small city in Germany that is mostly know for Mercedes Benz -> Stuttgart. This is also where I studied science for 7 years but then decided that the world needs another model, haha. Oh well..

Since January New York City has been our base and I’m excited to see where life will take us next. As probably everyone does, I love to travel, shop, create, good food and I am absolutely obsessed with our puppy Cali. Unfortunately I’m a very lazy blogger but therefore quite active on Instagram.

If you’re interested come check it out and show some love ♥️ @Jelena.Marija

My name is Joe Weir (the other half). Born and raised in a small town in Canada. Fell in Love with travel early on and haven’t looked back. This in turn led me down the path of photography with a dash of videography. I love my girls and living in NYC.

Catch me on instagram @_joeweir_